Magenta Diffusion I (rear brake light, Honda Executive Tourer #thepowerofdreams)
Magenta Diffusion II (rear brake light, Honda Executive Tourer #thepowerofdreams)

Experiments with an i-telephone

As I moved in closer and closer with my camera (i-telephone) I came to a point where the lens of my camera touched the lens of the brake lights. Contact was made, a new magical world opened up as light and colour flowed, bled and fused into one.

In the past I have been encouraged not to reveal the mundane subject matter and unsophisticated means of capture for fear of dumbing down these images. I understand the reasoning behind this - but I prefer a more candid approach.

I know and understand the best traditions of photography - I was splashing around in the darkroom 40 years ago, I have worked commercially and artistically on all formats from 35mm to 10 x 8 - I don't feel the need to elevate these images by fudging or obscuring the technique and process.

Furthermore, this foray and experimentation with an accessible and everyday means of image capture reflects my enjoyment of the ordinary and everyday, something which I celebrate through my photography - both in technique and vision. I'm not attempting to emulate the quality of a high end plate camera, I'm more interested in exploring the possibilities of a new creative tool.

Vision and technique aside, the title of these images underscore the concept - dipping between dreams and the harsh reality of a brake light. Borrowing the Honda strap-line ‘The Power of Dreams’, tagging it, and the idea that the marketing people at Honda have elevated the status of an estate car to an ‘Executive Tourer’ is more than enough PR spin!

Printed on beautiful fine art paper, these images are an immaculate inky diffusion of time, space, light and colour. An abstract and sensorial exploration of the subject, distilled and exposed.

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