Magenta Diffusion I (rear brake light, Honda Executive Tourer #thepowerofdreams)
Magenta Diffusion II (rear brake light, Honda Executive Tourer #thepowerofdreams)

As I moved in closer and closer with my phone (camera) I came to a point where the lens of my camera actually touched the lens of the brake lights. Contact was made, a new magical world opened up as light and colour flowed, bled and fused into one - the subject examined, distilled and exposed.

I have, in the past, been persuaded not to reveal the mundane subject matter and unsophisticated means of capture for fear of dumbing down these images. I understand the reasoning behind this - but I prefer a more candid approach. Also, I love finding beauty and intrigue in the mundane and ordinary, and I love trying new techniques. Furthermore, considering the surreal quality of these images, borrowing the Honda strapline ‘The Power of Dreams’, tagging it, and the idea that the marketing people at Honda have elevated the status of an estate car to an ‘Executive Tourer’ is all part of the concept and more than enough PR spin!

I know and understand the best traditions of photography, I was splashing around in the darkroom 40 years ago. Commercially and artistically I have worked on all formats from 35mm to 10x8, I still occasionally shoot on film, but primarily I enjoy the refinement and immediacy of digital imaging - and here, using a camera phone, a new area of creativity has opened up for me. I don’t feel the need to fudge or obscure the derivation and technique.

At the end of the day, the prints, on lovely fine art paper, are an immaculate inky diffusion of space, light, time and colour. An abstract distillation and transformation of the subject on to a beautiful two dimensional substrate, and we can’t ask for anything more than that can we.

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